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US Campign Order Tool

US Campign Order Tool
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US Campaign Order Tool

The US Campaign Order Tool is our latest web tool. It’s simple to use and allows you to easily create and submit your US messaging campaign for carrier approval. In the US, messaging campaigns (SMS and MMS) running on a short code require a campaign order form to be completed and submitted for approval by the carriers.  You can access the web tool from your account on the customer portal under the ‘Campaign Orders’ tab.

We have simplified the online web form to the bare essentials and made it easy to use.  Simply fill in the blanks and check the appropriate boxes and you are on your way!  Rest assured you’re in good hands as we review each order before submitting for carrier approval, providing you with peace of mind in knowing all the information has been thoroughly reviewed.  Throughout the process, we will keep you informed by providing both email updates and real-time status on the customer portal that you can check at anytime in your account.

Key Features

  • Online and Interactive Campaign Form

    Makes creating and submitting US campaigns quick and easy. Simply log into the customer portal and click on the US Campaign Order tab. 

  • Personalized Review

    Each campaign submission is personally reviewed by a member of our Service Implementation team to ensure the necessary information is collected before submitting it to each carrier.

  • Automated Status Updates

    At every step of the approval process you’ll be notified to easily monitor the progress of your campaign submission.

Use Cases

  • Messaging in the US

    Messaging in the US

    Reach US audiences with SMS and MMS campaigns using the Campaign Order tool.

  • Stay Compliant

    Stay Compliant

    Ensuring all campaigns are approved by carriers and guarantees you are fully compliant with US carrier regulations.

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