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Number Cleaner Walkthrough

Number Cleaner Walkthrough
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Validate It Online with HLR

From the Dashboard of your Customer Portal, you will be able to ‘Add’ another Number Cleaner service to your Account if it suits your needs. Whether you have one or multiple Number Cleaner services, all can be managed in the same place; simply click on ‘Manage’ and you will be redirected to a list of your Active Services, which will appear similar to the following:

HLR Lookup

Identify which List Manager service you would like to manager and you will have access to your login details for this particular List Manager service.

Number Cleaner 2

We provide you with a separate username and password so access can be given to other users without the need to disclose your main account login details. You can view your URL and current price per lookup, and if you need Support, we provide you with a number of HLR Documentation links, as well as some FAQs.

HLR Login

Paste your HLR Lookup URL in a new tab or window of your browser and use your separate username and password as shown within the Service Information above to log into your HLR Lookup account.

HLR Dashboard

From the above, you will be able to use this particular data service to validate and cleanse your mobile database, whether it be through individual numbers, or you can upload a CSV file of numbers to be checked. You can give each HLR Lookup a reference and determine how you would like to receive the results.

HLR Submit

For example, the above HLR Lookup checked the validity of an individual number, under the reference: ‘Test’. Once it has been processed, you will be able to view the results within your Web Account (if this is what you set your Return Type to).

HLR Results


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