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Short Codes

Short Codes
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Easy to Remember

Short Codes are a great way for customers to interact with you, plus, they have the added advantage of being easy to remember since they are usually only 5 or 6 digits long. Short Code campaigns using keywords allow you to support a variety of campaigns that can provide you with information on your customers to help with your targeting efforts.

Key Features

  • Shared or Dedicated

    Shared short Codes usually have a lower cost and quicker start up times.  Dedicated short codes allow for full use with no limitations on the number of keywords.

  • Local

    Short Codes are country specific and used for sending and receiving text messages within a single country or territory.

  • Leverage Your Brand

    Vanity Short Codes are recognizable, usually used to spell out a brand or product name.  They have the advantage of being memorable and adding to brand identity awareness.

Further Information

    Use keywords and sticky sessions to route inbound messages correctly, or you can purchase a dedicated Short Code to give you more control and have complete ownership of the number.
    Replies from Short Codes can be received by your system via one of our APIs.

Use Cases

  • Lead Generation

    Lead Generation

    Use interactive SMS campaigns as part of your marketing efforts to drive warm leads into your business. Enable your customers to contact you for more information and start driving sales today!

  • Two-Way Communications

    Two-Way Communications

    Use Short Code based interactive campaigns to engage in a conversation with your audience, gain responses to surveys, confirm appointment reminders or use for customer service and support tickets.

  • Business Image

    Business Image

    Short Codes can give your business the edge. Customers will easily remember your short code and when used on marketing materials will give your communications a sleek and modern look.

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