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Long Numbers

Long Numbers
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Extend Your Reach Beyond Country Borders

You can be glo+cal, global and local by using a Long Number for your mobile message campaigns.  Using a Long Number will allow you to target a worldwide audience while having a highly recognizable local number for your domestic market.

  • Dedicated Number

    A dedicated number that enables you to start two way communications with your target audience.

  • Available in 30 Countries

    With a wide range of sourced from 30 originating countries, Mblox can provide you with a number that suits your campaign plans.

  • Make it Memorable

    Long Numbers can be assigned randomly, or you can select from the premium numbers for a more memorable Long Number.

Further Information

    Use Long Numbers to go beyond country borders.  A Long Number allows your clients to interact directly with you as if they were texting with a friend internationally.  Replies from Long Numbers can be received by your system via one of our APIs.

Use Cases

  • Lead Generation

    Lead Generation

    Use Long Numbers in your marketing materials to drive warm leads into your business. Enable your customers to contact you for more information and start driving sales today!

  • International Usage

    International Usage

    A Long Number can cross country borders, meaning you can use it on multinational campaigns or wherever your customer base is global.

  • Two-Way Communications

    Two-Way Communications

    Interactive campaigns are great to engage in a conversation with your customers. A variety of campaigns can be ran to gain responses to surveys, confirm appointment reminders or use for customer service and support tickets.

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