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MMS Messaging

MMS Messaging
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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and with MMS you can go beyond sending only text.  MMS messaging allows you to engage with your audience visually or in motion and sound with video.  Sending a message with a multimedia file is rich way to capture your audience’s attention. Using imagery, audio, video and object files you can build a true brand experience that won’t be forgotten. You can benefit from the immediacy of mobile messaging without the limitation of a character count, the time to get creative, is now!

Key Features

  • Picture and Video Handling

    Mblox can take care of handling the technical details of transcoding and adaptation to ensure the content sent matches the device for the best customer experience.

  • Text Fallback

    If there some customers who cannot receive MMS content, a plain text SMS message will be sent with a link to view the multimedia content from a mobile web browser.

  • Save and Send

    Upload your multimedia content in advance, then when it is time to send, all that’s left to do is provide your list of mobile phone numbers.

Send Rich Content to Engage Your Customers

    MMS gives you the opportunity to be creative in your campaigns to engage with your customers using a wider set of design tools.  You can use MMS to send vouchers and promotional campaign images, send a video to highlight new product features and viral content, send a soundbite with audio or include object files like a dynamic image or Passbook object. Together you can create some truly eye opening and memorable content for your customer base.

Use Cases

  • Ticketing


    Send tickets by MMS using a dynamic image to send a QR code or barcode, giving your customers quick and easy access to events.

  • Drive Sales

    Drive Sales

    An image in promotional campaigns can bolster results and be a key part of a fully integrated campaign.

  • Customer Engagement

    Customer Engagement

    Increase engagement by sending videos, images and audio files to create some truly eye opening and memorable content for your customer base.

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