Infrastructure Overview - Mblox SMS / MMS API Providers

Infrastructure Overview

Infrastructure Overview

Every Message Matters

At Mblox we passionately believe every message matters, and we are completely obsessed with ensuring every message is delivered fast, securely and reliably. We have built our entire infrastructure from the ground up to achieve this objective.

Introducing Atlas, it's big, it's Seven Billion big

At the beginning of 2016, we launched our new generation infrastructure – Atlas. Atlas builds upon our 15+ years of experience in the mobile messaging industry, the delivery of over 40 billion A2P messages and our customers valuable feedback. In 2015,  we delivered more than 7 billion messages on behalf of more than 4,000 customers and our infrastructure hasn’t broken a sweat.

Geo-redundant Data Centers

in both USA and EU


If you are using our SMPP API, you can choose to connect to any of these data centers, or to all of them.  Each is identical and can independently send to any destination in the world through a single bind.  We recommend all customers connect to at least two data centers in an ‘active-active’ configuration, to ensure high availability.

If you are using our Batch Sender or REST API,  we take care of redundancy for you by load balancing across all of these data centers without you having to worry about a thing.

Highly Secure and Compliant Data Centers



100+ Direct Operator Connections



More connections to more destinations allowing you access to 85% of the global GDP on routes we own, manage and monitor so you aren’t left to deal with a provider who will have to “call you back”.

Ultra Low Latency

Atlas has ultra-low latency, which includes a best in class request-to-response time and end-to-end delivery time, so you can send and deliver messages faster. This allows for one of the highest conversion and read rates in the industry.  Our gateways have an incredible response time of less than 30ms,  and we consistently deliver messages in well under 10 seconds to the handset.


Simple Ways to Connect

Reach any person in the world,  through one account and one connection.  Choose between a simple Web Tool,  a higher performance industry standard SMPP v3.4 protocol or an easy yet powerful REST API which includes the following features:

  • Send the same message to multiple people with one API call
  • Dynamic Callback URLs
  • Scheduled delivery with expiry
  • Dynamic variables in the body of your message
  • Summary report requests
  • Polling and asynchronous MO support
  • Group Management



Powerful Self Serve Portal Puts You in Control

All Backed by Our World Class 24/7 Network Operations Center, Technical Support Team and Industry Leading SLA

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