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Number Lookup (HLR)

Number Lookup (HLR)
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Get the Details on the Mobile Numbers in Your Database

The Number Lookup (HLR) Data Service is a great way to validate and cleanse your mobile number database and to obtain crucial information about the numbers in your list.

When using this service to validate your numbers you will get detailed information about each mobile number including if it’s valid, the current network provider, if it’s been ported, if it’s inactive and if it’s roaming (which country the subscriber is currently located).

The Number Lookup (HLR) Data Service is available by integrating with the HTTP HLR API.  Use the API to submit mobile numbers and select to receive the data either to a post back URL or a CSV file through email.

Key Features

  • Validate and Cleanse

    Keep your mobile number database accurate with timely check ups, to optimize the performance of your campaign.

  • Identify Number Status

    Acquire key information on the mobile numbers in your database including status, current location and the home network provider.

  • Analyze Data

    Receive data reports for Number Lookup requests delivered through email or as a callback function, to use for your data analysis.

Further Information

    The Number LookUp (HLR) Data Service accesses data in real-time from a mobile network Home Location Register (HLR) to check the status of mobile numbers.  In Brazil, Canada and the US, HLR data is not available (due to country regulation), and instead information on the mobile number is provided through regularly updated MNP (Mobile Number Portability) databases.

Use Cases

  • Understanding Your Data

    Understanding Your Data

    Find out which network your subscribers belong to can help you more accurately budget for campaigns.

  • Housekeeping


    Clean up your data lists to decrease costs and to ensure a more accurate campaign results.

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