Blog was created in 2001 as a way for users to send and receive free SMS messages to any handset in the UK. This service was quickly adopted by people who found themselves in an emergency situation where they had lost their phone, or by students wanting to save money… remember this was long before unlimited text tariffs! As a consequence of the somewhat cult following amassed, the service become a UK institution which still attracts more than 100k visits and sends almost 500k SMS messages per month. The service was based on a simple advertising-led business model, where … Continue reading “ is dead, long live!”

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The new Mobile Messaging Fraud report, released today by the Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF) in association with CLX Communications, finds that SMS remains the most trusted channel for mobile messaging. The results also show that unsolicited messages are a common occurrence across all channels, with more than a quarter of consumers receiving such messages daily via SMS as well as Over-the-Top (OTT) messaging apps such as Whatsapp. For more insight, read the latest article on the CLX blog.

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The NIST proposed deprecation of SMS for 2FA has sent to mobile messaging industry into a frenzy. Rob Malcolm (CLX/Mblox) argues that this decision may lead to 72% of Americans not adopting 2FA at all. Read more on our sister blog by CLX Networks.      

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A running joke within my friendship circle is that they do not know what industry I work in. Of course, I tell them I work in the cloud based mobile messaging industry, but to a group of individuals who work in a number of the major industries on Earth (e.g. construction, retail etc.), this often doesn’t suffice. Perhaps it may be that, often, those who understand this industry are the ones who work within it; those who are exposed to the ins-and-outs of A2P SMS on a daily basis. However, this doesn’t stop me from trying my best to explain … Continue reading “Schools Adopting A2P SMS – Proof SMS is for SMBs and Enterprises Alike”

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